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July 4th Party Ideas

Tobacco barn now has a new tin roof
July 4th Party and Decoration Ideas

Oh my gosh, I've been as busy as bees making honey!
We're having a Barbecue this weekend with family and friends to celebrate Independence Day.
Here are a few ideas I'm working on for our party.
We decided to have a "photo opp" spot set up for guests to take snapshots of themselves with Red White and Blue props.  I am using our old "tobacco barn" as the backdrop.

A backdrop could also be 3 sheets hung together, one red, one white and one blue.
Or hang up a large piece of fabric or use a front porch decorated for the occasion.

Friends using the tobacco barn for photo backdrop

Just purchase a items at a dollar store or gather up a few things around the house to use as photo props: Necklace, hat, sunglasses, picture frame, etc. and have them set up and ready for photos the day of the party.

An easy and inexpensive decoration idea for setting the festive mood:  
Purchase small and medium size flag stakes.  Place a few small flag stakes in flower pots and place the larger flag stakes through out the flower beds. I even added them around the chicken coop, scratch yard and garden.
Mini flags help set the festive mood for the party

I also decided to make a few table decorations.
The first ones are basic votive candle holders.
Cut out small American flags and use clear packing tape to secure them to the votive holders.  This allows for easy removal so the votive holders can be used for other holidays!

Mini flags attached to glass votive holders for table decor

The second table decoration is pretty easy too.  Use old blue canning jars and fill with red necklace beads.
You can use holiday M & M's, white marbles, beans, rice or even cat litter (new) if you have nothing else on hand. The beads (or fill item) in the jar will help hold everything upright.

Next add small American flags and decorative picks.  I found these at the Hobby Lobby Craft Store.
To finish add a festive ribbon or piece of raffia.
The red beads are a very multi-purpose decorating item. They can be used at Christmas and Valentine's Day too!

Cupcakes are easy to make and fun to decorate for any Holiday.

I made chocolate cupcakes in Red White and Blue muffin liners, then iced with white cream cheese icing.  To make them even more festive, add a few red sprinkles and a mini flag to each.

Another easy snack or treat for the kids: Twizzlers.
Just cut them in half and tie with raffia or ribbon in a bundle of 4 to 6 pieces. 

A really cute idea I found on the blog CatchMyParty, is a pie banner.  I love this idea and may use it for our Fall party and at Thanksgiving dinner!

Just cut out small triangle shapes, 2 of each color.  Cut desired length of twine.  Glue twine between triangles to form a banner.  Tie twine ends to pastry sticks.  Insert into pie or cake.  Very cute!

One last idea I'll share, an easy and inexpensive way to display your silverware or plastic ware.  Just place them in blue canning jars or red and blue solo cups.

One of the drinks on our menu is my Fruity Sangria I made for our Women's Only Dinner Party we had a few months back. Very nice on a hot summer day.

Hope your holiday weekend is filled with family and fun, 
and Happy Independence Day!


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