Wednesday, October 8

Pattern Savers

Pilgrim costume
Storing and Protecting Patterns

I know there are not as many people who sew as there use to be, but for those of you who still do this might come in handy.

I just finished sewing the parts I need for my Halloween costume to wear to our annual Fall Party
This year my husband and I are going to be Pilgrims!

I have been making the kids costumes (and my own), along with curtains, pillows, doll clothes and various other sewing crafts for quite a few years now, so I have a stockpile of patterns.

One thing that always seems impossible for me is getting all the pattern pieces back into the tiny little envelope they come in.  
I just don't think the envelope was that small when I took the pattern out!

And repeated use of one pattern usually always ends up with the pattern envelope torn and useless.

Patterns never go back in the way they came out

I decided to store my patterns in quart size zipper bags.

Pattern in a quart storage bag

The ones I use are just a store brand and cost around $2.00 for 50 quart size bags.  

The name brands, like Ziploc, can cost around $3.00 or more for a box of 50. Still a good price per bag but you don't need brand name for this project.

At $2.00 for a box of 50 bags, it comes out to 4 cents a bag.  
This is a really cheap and easy way to cover and preserve your patterns, and the bags are see-through for easy viewing.  

I have in the past, tried the gallon size bags, but there is lots of bag left over that needs to be folded over in order to store neatly.  Plus gallon size bags cost a lot more.

Patterns in quart size baggies ready for storage

After putting each pattern into a bag, I then store my patterns and all my other crafts materials in plastic totes.  No dust, no mice, no mess and stackable

Old Barbie Clothes Pattern

A few women, including me,  are heading to Bedford, PA and the Bedford Fall Foliage Festival this weekend and I can't wait. I am not looking forward to cold and snow but love the up and coming Holidays!  I'm already thinking of Christmas ornament making.



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