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Vintage Farm Market Display Shelves 
These drawers are probably from the 1930's or 40's and have many layers of paint. The last paint color of grayish blue is peeling and aged which is perfect for our vintage look.

Moving a Gardening Shed 
Moving a small gardening shed or other small building is not impossible.  There are a couple of ways to move a shed; one takes hard work and numerous people, but not for lifting. 

Building a Hog Trough (feeder) 
The Hampshire breed is also the oldest, early-American breed of hogs in existence today. The Hampshire hog originated in southern Scotland and Northern England.

Building a Greenhouse (Part 1)
How a greenhouse works is simple. Sun streams through the windows and warms the surfaces inside. The glass or glazed panels trap the heat, keeping the temperature inside the greenhouse warmer than outside. 

The Birth Tree
Many world cultures have a tradition of planting the placenta under a young tree and that tree becomes the child’s tree, symbolizing life.  Trees planted this way tend to do well benefiting from the nutrients from the placenta. 

Rabbits:  A Natural and Cultural History 
Rabbits (Sylvilagus) and Hares (Lepus) of North America belong to the Order and Family Lagomorpha Leporidae, and in total there are 29 species of rabbits and 32 species of hares. 

Psycho Kitty
One of the two cats we adopted, (unbeknownst to us), was pregnant. We named our new cats Malabar and Bromfield, but in a very short time Bromfield ran off before we could have him fixed and Malabar gave birth to kittens.

How I Got Started Raising Rabbits
My mother was raised on a small “farm” with 12 siblings and there was always a large garden and animals. My Father’s family grew and sold vegetables in the summer and my father worked summers baling straw and hay. 

Goat Birthing
This morning was typical, with me making the normal rounds, doing the farm chores.  I continued with the chores, periodically checking on Claudia and noticed a little  while later her standing under a pine tree in a slightly squatting position.

Family Stories
Growing up my father Arthur (Art for short) used to tell us stories of the adventures in got himself into as a kid growing up in the country.  I remember asking and begging for him to retell the stories to us. 

Milking Stand / Stanchion
Most of the stands I have seen are all pretty much the same rectangle shape, with 4 legs, and an area to secure the animal’s head. A milking stand can cost quite a bit of money
and even though it's the ultimate in milking and grooming convenience, having a price tag of $320. may be all you need to try building one yourself.

Building a Hillside Walk and Stairs
There wasn't a patio here when we purchased our house 2 years ago.   Not even a walk from the back door down to the garage.  Nothing but a worn path through the grass which has mostly turned into DIRT.  Ugh!

Maple Syrup Making Supplies:
What I've learned so far.  I’m back tapping maple trees this year, having enjoyed last year’s process and syrup making so much that I decided to try it again. The most valuable things I have added to my Maple Syrup making supplies is a syrup hydrometer and a hydrometer cup

Building A Hay Feeder
I had barely enough time to drop two flakes of hay into the feeder before the goats were on it.
Well, actually the goats were under foot the entire time I was building this. 

Flash forward a couple months and my girls (15 hens) are laying 12 to 15 eggs a day!  Whoa, what to do with all these eggs?  I have given away a dozen or two here and there to neighbors and visiting family, and make large weekend breakfasts, but the hens are outlaying my giving-away.

Keeping Goats
According to historians, the goat may have been one of the first animals ever to be domesticated, even before the dog. Excavations from the Middle East indicate that goats were being kept as far back as 10,000 to 13,000 years ago, according to the book “Goats” by Janine Verschure. And goats are extremely social, affectionate and respond well to human attention.

A Red Tailed Hawk has been circling our farm all summer. I suppose the delicious looking chickens are on his want list for dinner.
And we are missing one of two young barn cats.  Well this morning, the hawk swooped down and tried to pick up one of my mini Dachshunds.

My son’s girlfriend Jennica’s birthday was coming up in June, so she asked me if we could have a party in our barn. We hashed over a few ideas, and came up with an Italian Dinner Party.
Decorations on the tables included clumps of grapes, basil and oregano plants I purchased from Home Depot and re-potted,

Building a Chicken Coop
Once the scratch yard was complete, I finished trimming around the small square hole in the side of the coop that is the chicken's door. using more of the salvaged barn wood.  The door is on hinges and opens and locks from the inside.

I can not even fathom the skill and hard work it must have taken to build such a huge, strong barn.
It is a sad thing for me to see an old barn that must be torn down, but it's great the wood is being put back to work.

Three species of maple trees are predominantly used to produce maple syrup and related products: The sugar maple, the black maple, and the red maple, because of their high sugar content.
The sap of a maple tree comes out clear and very watery. It only contains a little sugar, about 2 to 4%.

I had to keep a constant eye on the sap boiling making sure it was not too hot, but hot enough to boil and that it did not cook completely down and burn.  One of the most amazing things about the sap boiling is this: It had a delicious slightly sweet, slightly woodsy smell and,

John had boxes with bedding already made up and handed one to me.
As I went back though my list, saying the breed names of the ones I wanted, John would hand me a baby chick, three from each breed and I placed them in the box.

Because apples are less dense than water, they will float at the surface. Players try to catch an apple with their teeth. Use of hands is not allowed.
A more sanitary variation of the game now exists, so no "germs" are shared, is with the apples hung on a string or line.

Small farm with 4 acres, 2 pole barns, a small building for a chicken coop, 2 nice pastures and LOTS of room for my dream garden.
We hope to raise beef cattle and chickens, have a large organic garden and be a little more self sufficient and live a little healthier lifestyle.

I remember pushing open the worn old heavy wooden door, and dad would order the seeds he needed at the counter where they would write it up on a invoice pad. I would wonder over to look at the new horse saddles and bridles on display.

Home Grown and Buying Local
There are so many reports out now about the dangers of GMO's,  High Fructose Corn Syrup,  Preservatives,  Chemicals and many other things in our food.
Evidence is growing that many foods with additives are addictive like cocaine according to a growing body of Scientific Research.

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