Friday, January 8

January, Thinking of Spring

Well it’s January

We had a huge amount of snow dumped on us here in central Ohio, and although I love snow, January and February always make me long for spring.

This time of year, I begin to look longing at gardening magazines.  I sketch my raised vegetable beds on graph paper to make sure I am making the most of my space.

I daydream about the seed packets and start making lists of supplies I will need to germinate the seeds indoors.

I stand for long periods of time looking out my window at my bare cold garden, trying to image it with vines full of tomatoes or onions pushing though the soil and wondering what I did with the longer handled shovel I love best, not the one with the thicker handle that just doesn't seem to fit my hands as well.

Friday, January 1

Real Greenies Have Manure On Their Boots!

I couldn't have said this better. I am irked daily to see people “confessing” to be green who haven’t a clue of what real love and respect for this earth is. They have rarely walked a quiet woods, planted a tree that produces food, tended a garden to feed their family, composted for the soil sake, recycled to reuse or anything of that nature. I believe most professed “city greenies” don’t even know how or what it means to be self sufficient!

Could I do more, do you ask? Why yes, of course! But I am not preaching “green or die”; I am not condemning everyone to a smog hell who doesn’t ride a bike to work!
Below is pretty much how I feel, just could never in a million years put it into words or a speech as this blogger has done!