Tuesday, July 21

Corn Stock

I just finished canning Whole Kernel Corn and have dozens of corn cobs left.  I am a recycler and savager and hate to waste anything if the item can be used again or re-purposed.  I feed all our leftover food scraps to our livestock so nothing goes to waste from cooking. 

Years ago I started picking up a few of the Martha Stewart books on cooking and entertaining, for cheap at yard sales and second-hand stores.   In one of her books or magazines (I don’t remember which) she had a recipe for corn stock. And I must tell you, I was skeptical.  I am not a huge fan of corn on the cob (I know, weird right?) so was not really excited about doing more with corn.

But with a little thought, I realized corn stock can be used as I would Chicken Stock, to flavor soups, stews, sauces, risotto, casseroles and many other dishes. We love hot soup on cold winter days, and I found homemade stock is really great added to my homemade Vegetable Soup or Sausage Corn Chowder.

Looking in the Ball Blue book, there are recipes for vegetable, beef, and chicken stock, but no mention of corn stock.  I decided to follow the cooking times for vegetable stock which is a little longer processing time,  just to be safe.

Tuesday, July 14

Canning Whole Kernel Corn

It's summer and along with many other warm weather activities, canning the vegetables that are ripe and in season is something I do every year.

When corn first comes in, it can be a little expensive but as the weeks pass the price per dozen is alot of times greatly reduced.
When buying sweet corn in the husk, look for bright green color snug husks and dark brown silk.

Sweet corn is a low acid food so must be pressure canned to avoid food poisoning and botulism.

I preserve corn in pint jar to closely match the commercially canned size for recipes.

Monday, July 6

Pregnancy or Birth Announcement Idea

My son Daniel and his girlfriend Jennica have been living together for a couple of years and although they have talked about when they want to get married my son decided to make it official this year.
He is a hopeless romantic like his mother (me) so planned a dreamy romantic weekend by renting a lodge in a beautiful secluded area here in Ohio called Hocking Hills.  The weekend went wonderful and Jennica came home in a princess-dreamy-state all full of smiles, butterflies and happiness. 
The wedding is set for March 2017, a date they have had set all along because St. Patrick’s Day 5 years ago was the date of their first date.

Fast forward to April and Jennica sets me down in a teary eyed state letting me know she thinks she is expecting! 
After a visit to the doctor’s, it was confirmed they got pregnant on St. Patrick’s Day.  How fitting.

After the initial shock, Daniel and Jennica decided to send out announcements to immediate family and their closest friends.

Thursday, July 2

Moving a Shed

Moving a small gardening shed or other small building is not impossible.  There are a couple of ways to move a shed; one takes hard work and numerous people, but not for lifting. 
The second is to hire the work out.

We learned how to move a shed with PVC pipes and jacks from a guy who moved a shed for us about 20 years ago. The shed was sitting directly outside my kitchen window and in the center of the yard.  Eyesore!  It took the guy about two hours tops to move the shed and we were impressed!

Moving the Original Chicken Coop:
We are in the process of rebuilding our farm’s original chicken coop and turning it into a camping cabin (or maybe a smoke house).  It was quite deteriorated so to move that small barn we had to completely rebuild the entire base or bottom third of the structure.