Friday, March 25

Savory Meat Pie

I think I found this recipe in an old Food Network Magazine and it has gotten rave reviews from my family every time I make it. 
In fact, my husband asked me to never ever share this recipe. He doesn't know that thousands of people have already seen it in that magazine, haha. 
This is an absolutely delicious savory beef, veggie and cheddar cheese pie. I use store-bought puff pastry or pie crust but you can use your favorite pie crust recipe.

This pie is similar or along the same lines as an Irish Potato and Beef Pie, a Cottage Pie or Shepard's Pie or an English Beef Pie. All usually employ meat and potatoes of some sort. This was a popular staple dish in medieval times and was eventually called "pyes" or "pies". The origin of this name "pie" comes from the type of meat commonly used as filling. Beef, lamb, and duck were employed, but a majority of the time it was the magpie, a bird that was the main ingredient.

Monday, March 21

Making a Patchwork Quilt

I have been sewing for years, various crafts, curtains, pillows, kids clothes and Halloween Costumes. I have even made small baby quilts but never a full size quilt.

Recently I did a Camper Remodel and wanted to use the leftover fabrics from reupholstering the cushions and sewing new curtains in the camper to make a camper quilt.

One of the easiest quilts to make and one of my favorites is a patchwork style quilt.
Patchwork is simply sewing pieces of fabric together to form a pattern or blocks that when all together form a quilt top. When the quilt top is finished, it's then quilted, meaning the top, the batting and the back cover are sewn together.
When deciding on what pattern or style of quilt to make as my first, I took a look at my quilt collection. Of all the quilts I have, patchwork is my favorite it seems and the one I have the most of. I gravitate towards it every time I find quilts for sale. It's the style of quilt I am currently using as a blanket on my bed.

Saturday, March 12

Camper Remodel, Part 2

This is the second post on remodeling our little camper. The first post you can find here:
Camper Remodel, Part One.

We purchased our used little camper a couple years ago. We love to tent camp and will continue to do so but I always wanted a little camper. I am in love with small vintage campers and although our camper is not vintage it works great as our first. Our camper is 16 foot long but very cozy and just right for us and our three dachshunds.

As stated in my first camper remodel post the interior color scheme was light blues which is not my favorite interior color.

Friday, March 4

Jamaican Jerk Pork Tenderloin

I asked for this wonderful recipe from our friends, David and Beth in 2010 after attending a dinner party they hosted. 
We just love this recipe! 
It's one of my favorites and a hit each time I serve it. 
This was the main course I served for our Women's Only Dinner Party and it's great for a romantic dinner on Valentine's Day or other occasions.
The recipe was created by Lori Welander and won the first place prize in McCormick 2002 Cook-Off Contest.
This is one of those great recipes that makes it appear as if you slaved in the kitchen, but it's really easy to put together. On the occasions I make this recipe, it makes me feel as if I am more than just an average cook......

A tenderloin is a lean, delicately flavored meat, is the most tender cut of pork and takes well to marinades.

Wednesday, March 2

Camper Remodel, Part One

We purchased our used little camper a couple years ago. My husband Bill and I love to tent camp, (and will continue to do so)  and have even tent camped around Lake Superior, while doing the Lake Superior Circle Tour.  
But I have always wanted a little camper. 
I like the idea of having all our things with us and room for our 3 Dachshunds. 
And I just love all the remodeled vintage campers I see, they're so romantic!
Our first camper is not vintage but we did get it at a fantastic price for being in like new condition. Little as in it's only 16 feet long.  But it packs everything we need into that 16 feet: stove, microwave (haven't even used that) a pretty big refrigerator, toilet, sink & shower, stereo, furnace and A/C.  That A/C part is one of the best features in August!