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Candle Lantern Redo and Updating                                                                         I use lantern candle holders in the garden, patio or when camping by hanging on Shepard’s hooks around the camp site.

Wrap regular or copper wire around and around the newspaper ball or balloon.  Intertwine a wire or two through the rest of the wire to hold it all together.  You can also add beads to the wire as you wrap it.

Moving a Gardening Shed
Moving a small gardening shed or other small building is not impossible.  There are a couple of ways to move a shed; one takes hard work and numerous people, but not for lifting. 
The second is to hire the work out.

First, the clematis shoots should be cut from a vine that is half green wood, which means a stem that has just started to become hard or brown wood. 
Propagation should be done from a healthy clematis vine in late spring to early summer.

The Birth Tree
Many world cultures have a tradition of planting the placenta under a young tree and that tree becomes the child’s tree, symbolizing life.  
I loved the idea of having my grandson’s birth tree here on the farm.

Building a Patio
The final step was landscaping! The entire area around the new patio was a mess!  The dirt had to be leveled and rocks, concrete pieces and debris removed.  I also hauled in new soil to build up the landscaping around the patio before planting.

Building a Greenhouse (Part One)
How a greenhouse works is simple. Sun streams through the windows and warms the surfaces inside. The glass or glazed panels trap the heat, keeping the temperature inside the greenhouse warmer than outside. 

Growing Garlic
Your soil should have lots of organic matter and good drainage.  Plant garlic in a sunny spot.  Make sure to pick the largest heads to divide and plant.Plant cloves about 4 inches apart, 2 inches deep and in an upright position 

Building a Hillside Walk and Stairs
There is a difference in which rocks or stone you use.  Regular #304 is nothing more than busted up concrete pieces.  #304 Limestone (which is limestone) sets up firm and makes a much better foundation in which to pour concrete over.  I suggest you install the gravel foundation if you are installing brick or pea gravel too.

Choosing A Farm Market
This may not be important to some of you, but I want to "like" the people I am buying produce from.  I plan on picking and purchasing many things, so will be back at their farm a few times a year. It is a relationship of sorts, so I want it to be pleasant and friendly.

Building a Scarecrow
A scarecrow is a decoy or mannequin usually in the shape of a human. It is dressed in old clothes and placed in gardens or open fields to discourage birds such as crows or sparrows from feeding on recently sown seed and growing crops.

First I used a tape measure to hold up and bend in the shape I wanted the arbor to be, to get the length I needed to purchase the fencing. Since the metal fencing I purchased was 4 foot high, I decided I would use two pieces wide and make the arbor "tunnel" 8 foot long. 

Buying Local
There are so many reports out now about the dangers of GMO's, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Preservatives, Chemicals and many other things in our food.
Evidence is growing that many foods with additives are addictive like cocaine according to a growing body of Scientific Research. 

Growing Green Onions In Winter
The container should be deep enough for bulbs to be covered in dirt. Make sure the container is placed so it has exposure to bright light and has soil with excellent drainage. Choose an onion variety that produces small heads, as vegetables in containers have limited room to grow. 

Real Greenies Have Manure On Their Boots!
"Every time I see former Vice President Al Gore and current POTUS Barack Obama waxing on about global warming, I wonder if they’ve ever stepped into a pile of cow manure.

January and Thinking of Spring
I stand for long periods looking out my window at my bare cold garden, trying to image it with vines full of tomatoes or onions pushing though the soil and wondering what I did with the longer handled shovel I love best, not the one with the thicker handle that just doesn’t seem to fit my hands. 

Seed Storage Container
What you’ll need:  1 Plastic Storage Container (shoebox size), 
Card Stock or Index Cards,  Scissors, Seed Packets. 
Cut a tab area in each card, cutting a right tab, a middle tab and a left tab.
This will make it easier to view each tab once complete.

Quick Garden Stakes
Each year I mark my vegetable seed rows with a stake so I know where the row is and what's in the row.  Here is an inexpensive plant stake that's easy to make.
What you'll need:   
A few paint stir sticks from your local home improvement store.

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