Wednesday, March 16

Finding My Ancestor's Log Cabin


A month or two back my sister Beverly posted a photo she had taken in the 1980’s of our Grandmother Lucy Curtis’s birth place. (My great grand parents home)

It was a photo of a log cabin somewhere near Chillicothe, Ohio: My father’s dad and mom, and his grandparents, were from Chillicothe.   Our family on my father's side have been in Ohio since late 1700's to early 1800's and are one of the First Families of Ohio.
Most of my older siblings had taken the drive with my father when I was very young, but I never go to see the log cabin and have only heard stories.

I was so thrilled to finally see a photo of Grandma Lucy’s homestead. 
I asked my sister Beverly if she could remember where the cabin was located or if she could remember directions.