Wednesday, December 16

State Flag Christmas Ornament

Besides our large family tree, every year I put up a smaller tree in my dining room. This tree has evolved and changed themes and decorations somewhat over the years. It started out as a nature tree. Then I mixed in cardinals (our state bird), which has led me to make the tree a nature / Ohio tree.
I have added buckeyes, cardinals, morel mushrooms, pine cones, bird nests and various other things that can be found around our state.

We started a Crafting Circle and have an ornament exchange with family and friends, so I decided to make our Ohio flag as a Christmas ornament. Another reason I wanted to make the state flag: most ornaments for Ohio are centered around the buckeye nut or our OSU football team or other Ohio teams. I wanted a more unique ornament and one that is not sports related (although this can be used for that theme).

This ornament can be made as your own state flag and hung on a sports tree too! Or made larger to use as a decoration in a man cave or family room. Go Team!