Wednesday, December 27

Solstice of Sorrow

My youngest daughter Alexis has gotten one of her books published!! 
We're so very proud of her. 
My husband Bill and I received our copy (one of the first ones!) today on our anniversary! 
Congrats Alexis Elizabeth

You can purchase the book on Amazon and it's available on Kindle.

Here is her announcement of the book:

I am overjoyed to announce that my very first novella has been published! 

It's called "Solstice of Sorrow" This is by far the biggest secret I've ever had to keep, but now it's time the tell the world!

It was written collectively in 2012 and 2016. It is classified as Gothic fiction and is illustrated by Kevin Edwards. This is been a long time in the making And has taken a lot of time to put together.
My book was accepted into the Library of Congress and is available in paperback on

In a few weeks, it will be able to be purchased through Barnes and Noble and other major retailers as well.
Soon the Kindle version will be released exclusively through Amazon and sometime after that, the Audible audiobook will be available.
"A village at the edge of the Northern forest has lived in peace for centuries; free from the curse of their Ancestors. The attacks of the Beasts faded into the distant past; no more than myths and legends. One fateful night the full moon rises, the Beasts awaken from their long slumber and they are an unstoppable force. A champion is chosen to oppose them, and she travels into the forest, where she finds Gypsies, Beasts, and her own Daemons as well. A truly unique terror-filled journey into the deep woods of the human psyche and the condition of suffering. A macabre tale of the battle inside each of us. An emotional adventure that questions what it means to exist, and why. Solstice of Sorrow is a novella written in two parts, including poetic passages, internal dialogue, and terrifying illustrations to haunt your dreams."

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Author Contact information:

Instagram: @alexiselizabeth_aella
Family Blog:

Author Bio:

Alexis Elizabeth Lynch lives at Lynch's Mt Horb Farm in Ohio, and in college, she studied creative writing, human anatomy, and forestry. Alexis writes in many genres and styles including; poetry, travel journaling, screenplays, fantasy, children’s short stories, non-fiction essays, and horror. 

She has been a guest blogger at and has had poetry published in anthologies as well as the Columbus Dispatch. She has been the writer for Nikkso Productions since 2011, and is known for the story and screenplay of the horror film "Tabbott's Traveling Carnivale of Terrors.".  

"Solstice of Sorrow" is her first published novel. She is also a beekeeper, a butcher, a lucid dreamer, and loves to travel with her family. She has no children, but she does have a Goddaughter and a very long dachshund. She writes with ink and quill, and her personal library contains an estimated 3,000 books. Her favorites are Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, the Harry Potter series by JK Rowling, and the Song Of Ice And Fire series by George R.R. Martin, as well as the writings of Edgar Allan Poe & Trent Reznor.