A few of our traveling adventures! 

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The World's Longest Yard Sale is also known as The 127 Yard Sale or The 127 Corridor Sale and is a 4-day event every year. The dates are always the first Thursday of the month of August, from Thursday to Sunday

The Pioneer Woman or Ree Drummond also has her own blog and recently opened a shop called The Mercantile in her hometown of Pawhuska, Oklahoma.

Holland, Michigan and The Tulip Festival                                                                Holland is a beautiful little town loaded with wooden shoes, statues, quaint shops, lots of Dutch heritage and countless tulips and other spring flowers.

Baltimore, Maryland and Edgar Allan Poe
Although Baltimore has been in the news lately concerning riots and is listed on a few websites as being in the top 10 most violent cities, we found it to be a beautiful city full of culture, historical buildings and sites, harbors, ethnic neighborhoods, churches, restaurants, statues and many parks.

Zombies and the Zombie Walk                                                                                  Zombie have a complex literary heritage of authors ranging from Richard Matheson and H.P. Lovecraft to Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, all drawing on European flolklore of the undead. 

If you prefer not to swim in the ocean, all hotels have swimming pools, and most more than one.  Group sight seeing tours, water sports, day trips and deep sea fishing, etc., all can be booked right from your hotel. Or just relax, have an adult beverage and enjoy the white sandy beaches!

The Carnton Plantation and The Battle of Franklin
The floors of the restored house are still stained with the blood of the men who were operated on during the battle.  In one room where the operating tables were set up, you can see the heavy blood stains in a semi-circle around a clear spot where the surgeon stood.

Sleepy Hollow, New York
The village is known as the setting of "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow", written by Irving in 1820, who lived in neighboring Tarrytown and is buried in Sleepy Hollow Cemetery.
Originally incorporated as North Tarrytown in the late 1800’s, the village officially adopted the name of Sleepy Hollow in 1996.

The Mothman Festival
The Mothman is said to be a moth like creature seen in and around the area of Point PleasantWest Virginia from November 1966 to December 1967. The first reported sighting was on November 12, 1966 by five men digging a grave at a cemetery near ClendeninWV.

Thomas Jefferson and Monticello
Recently while driving the Blue Ridge Mountain Parkway we visited Monticello, the home of Thomas Jefferson.  Jefferson was the author of the Declaration of Independence and the Statute of Virginia for Religious Freedom and third president of the United States.

St. Augustine, Florida 
There is something for everyone in St. Augustine including beaches,historical sites, 
dining, lighthouses, parks, fishing charters, beautiful sunsets, alligators and 
shopping to name a few.

Lake Superior Circle Tour
What is the Lake Superior Circle Tour? 
It is a 1,300-mile circle tour by highway around the world’s largest and most famous freshwater lake, with scenic shorelines, sandy beaches and towering bluffs.  (We actually ended up driving around 2400 miles)

Malabar Farm State Park
Malabar Farm, in Pleasant Valley was Bromfield's dream. He built the house, restored the land and preserved the woodland. 
Bromfield has come to be recognized as a pioneer in organic farming.

What not to miss? The Badlands of course. There is an entrance fee. I recommend hiking one of the trails through the Badlands. Some trails are pretty level, short and easy, but give you stunning views of the area. And take the Badlands Loop Road. 

Motorcycle or Sports Car Drive:   Marietta, Ohio
After touring Henderson Hall we headed north out of Marietta on Route 26.  Following Route 26 we then turn left (or north) onto SR 260, then left onto 565 to left on County Road 145 and then take 821,

Tent Camping List
One of the most important things I've learned is too keep it simple.
A phase our friend, Tom Thornton taught us is: K I S S, for keep it simple stupid.
You can make the camping experience as easy or as hard as you like, but camping should be fun and enjoyable.

Finding My Great Grandparents Homestead
We drove slowly back until the dead end, and then up and up a sloping driveway to an old farm house and barns.  My maiden name is Seymour; my grandmother Lucy Curtis married my grandfather Alonzo Harvey Seymour.


Anonymous said...

Seems you're pretty diverse in what you like for your travel destinations! Thanks for the travel and vacation ideas.

Elizabeth Ohiothoughts said...

We really love our National Parks, history, season change and the great outdoors so many if not most of our adventures center around one or more of those interests. Thanks for the comment!