Wednesday, September 23

More Halloween Costume Ideas

My son Daniel as a ninja, early 1990's
It's nearly Autumn and October. Yeah!!
The weather has been cooler here during the day and chilly at night which to me is just wonderful. And we're already seeing the edges of leaves beginning to change color. I am in the mood for everything pumpkin and even found a pumpkin salsa! I'm so ready for hearty stews, college football, bread baking and hot casseroles.

We have an annual Fall Party and dress up in costumes every year which is always lots of fun, I think this year is our 11th or 12th consecutive annual party! We had fall parties on and off before that too!
This year I'm a little behind getting our costumes together, I usually start weeks earlier than this,  but this year we had an Under the Sea Baby Shower to host, a new barn to build (which isn't 100% finished) plus trying to keep up with the vegetable gardening, canning, stocking firewood for winter,  (and hay) feeding livestock and raising a pig.

Last year I wrote 2 blog posts about previous costumes we have worn, made or someone wore to one of our parties.

Monday, September 7

Under The Sea Party Ideas

My youngest son and his finance are having a baby in December. Daniel and Jennica had their first date on March 17, 2010, got engaged early this year and set the date for the wedding for March 17, 2017. Unexpectedly, they found out in May they were going to have a baby. When they saw the doctor for the first time she told them their estimated date of conceiving was March 17th!!
We created very unique Pregnancy Announcement Cards to send out to family and close friends, and then started planning a baby shower. Jennica choose Ariel's Under The Sea theme and this is a few of the things we did for the party. The nursery will also have “Under The Sea” as the theme or d├ęcor so we can reuse a lot of the items we made.
Our new barn isn't quite finished, the walls have not been covered, but it worked out great for the party. 

Tuesday, September 1

Hot Pepper Relish

We grow numerous varieties of peppers in our garden every year, hot, sweet, mild and use them fresh in salsas, Pico De Gallo, on sandwiches, sliced on pizza, diced in casseroles and stuffed.
If there’s any left over at the end of the season, I dice and freeze them to use through out the winter months.

Recently, I've read many rave reviews online about Hot Pepper Jelly so wanted to give it a try. I made a couple batches using popular recipes, but I found it seem to lack the “hot” and the pepper “flavor” and was way too sweet for our tastes.

I played around with the recipes and decided instead to use my pickle relish recipe but make it into a Hot Pepper Relish-Jelly. Still sweet, but just not as much and with a stronger hot pepper flavor and heat.

If you’re like me, you sometimes need to come up with a quick snack to serve when last minute guests arrive. One of my favorite tricks is to pour hot pepper relish over goat cheese or cream cheese and serve with crackers.
Everyone seems to love it as it disappears quickly. This also keeps the hungry masses occupied while you finish making dinner!