Saturday, November 14

Felt Snowman Ornament

This is a cute little felt Christmas ornament I made for our ornament exchange one year.
We have a really large family so instead of having a gift exchange we started an ornament exchange. It's not mandatory so not everyone participates. It's wonderful to receive the little gift boxes in the mail containing each homemade ornament. And many of us add other small gifts like specialty coffee or tea, candy, fudge, cookies, jams, bookmarks or other goodies.

Many family members live out of state but for the ones close to me and who want to make crafts for Christmas we started a Crafting Group. It's a great way to stay in contact with friends and family while enjoying time set aside just for a hobby we love.

This ornament is made of felt and cross stitching thread and is really pretty easy.

Sunday, November 8

Grand Champion Pumpkin Cake

It's November already (yikes! how did that happen!?) and I just finished packing away all the Halloween decorations.
 I've been busy making a list for our Thanksgiving dinner and corresponding grocery list. I usually try out a new dish or dessert at Thanksgiving so have also been scanning through a few cookbooks for ideas.
I purchased a Pumpkin Cookbook way back in 1992 which was put together by The Crusader Sunday School Class at Calvary United Methodist Church in 1982 for a fundraiser. I purchased the cookbook at the Circleville Pumpkin Show and it's full of everything pumpkin!
One of the recipes in the book is for this Grand Champion Cake, called “Pride O' Pumpkin Cake”.

The note with the recipe states: