Thursday, January 24

Garden Plant Stakes

Easy DIY Garden Plant Stakes
It has been in the single digits here in Ohio, even down to -0- degrees one morning this week.
And the wind chill makes it even worst.

This time of year and this kind of weather makes me long for warm summer days and my garden.

Each year I try to mark my vegetable seed rows with a plant marker so I know where the row is and what's in it.

Here is an inexpensive plant stake that's easy to make.

Thursday, January 10

Easy Hay Feeder

Building a Pallet Hay Feeder

We started our goat herd in November of 2012.
Our baby goats, 3 kids, are now about 3 to 3 1/2  months old and finally weaned.

I started shopping around for a good quality hay feeder.  Goats are notorious for wasting hay.  My goat mentor and giver of the goats, Shelby, told me early on that if I wanted to save money on feed and hay, I needed to buy or build feeders.
Goats pull large amounts of hay onto the floor at a time, then once on the floor it is just too dirty and unclean for them to even think about eating!
Spoiled rotten goats, says I.

Monday, January 7

Homemade Laundry Detergent

Making Laundry  Detergent at Home

Seems everyone is super excited that homemade laundry soap saves piles of money.  And that is great news!  But that's not the only thing I considered when I decided to make my own.

After reading a few articles like this one from Natural News called "Your Laundry Detergent may be Hazardous to Your Health"  I decided to research laundry soap a little further. 

We are trying to move towards using more natural products, so was disturbed when reading the list on the EPA's website of what may be in commercial soaps, and that they are of concern to humans, animals and fish:

Surfactants:   Toxicity to aquatic organisms
Builders:   Potential to cause eutrophication in fresh water
Bleaches:  Inherent toxicity and toxic byproducts.
Colorants:  Studies indicate that certain colorants may cause cancer or other adverse health effects
Optical Brighteners:   Potential toxicity to humans
Solvents:  Toxicity to humans and aquatic organisms
Packaging:   Non-reusable or non-recyclable containers

Sunday, January 6

The Old Farmers Exchange

I wrote this in 2007 I think,  and sent it out in an email to family members who might remember the old feed store in the town where we grew up. I was asked about this just a couple days ago and asked if I would post it on this blog.
So here it is:

The Old Grove City Farmers Exchange

While in a committee meeting this morning I got news that the silos for the Grove City Farmers Exchange were going to be torn down. I decided to stop and get a couple photos. There were quite a few other people there, a small crowd even.  There were older people who remember how Grove City used to be, farmers, shop owners, neighbors, even people sitting in lawn chairs, all had come to watch and a few others like me taking photos.

Gift Tags

Homemade Gift Tags

Ever wish you had something you could do with the greeting cards left over from the Holidays?
Here’s a great way to reuse or recycle them.
Make your own homemade one of a kind gift tags!

Use these templates or make your own shape and style: