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Valentine's Day Craft Blocks

Easy Valentine Blocks

While looking around Pinterest (I love that site) I came across this idea for Valentine's Day Blocks.  The one pictured seem to be made from blocks cut from 4 x 4's.  I decided to try to make them myself, but I used scrap pieces of 2 x 4's. Click for more Valentine's Day Ideas

Here are the directions for making Valentine's Day blocks:

Needed Supplies: 
1 piece of  2 x 4 wood, (12 to 14 inches long should do it)
straight edge
measuring tape
Paint colors of pink, red, white, grey  and black

Making the Blocks:

1.  Measure 

Measure 3 squares on a piece of 2 x 4 wood and mark.
Each one is approximately 3 1/2 by 3 1/2
(2 x 4's are not actually 2" x 4" anymore)

Use a square (or anything with a straight edge) to draw a straight line.

You can also use a piece of 4' x 4' wood to make the blocks bigger and wider, (and actually square).
Bigger means it will take more sanding and more paint to cover, and the cut is a little harder unless using a power saw.

2.  Cut. 
I used a table saw, but any type saw you have will work to cut each block on the line marked.
Make sure to cut the blocks straight and even. If you do not have a saw, go to Lowe's or Home Depot, purchase a piece of scrap 2 x 4 and ask them to cut it to the desired length.  There may be a charge for this service, I think around 50 cents per cut.

3. Sand
I used a palm sander to smooth the edges, sides and corners.  A piece of sand paper will also work, but is more time consuming. Don't clean up the saw dust just yet and leave the sander out.  You will need it again later!

4.  Paint
The blocks all have an undercoat of paint.  I chose the red as the undercoat, then changed one block to a grey undercoat because one of the blocks will have a red top coat.

After the first coat is dry, paint one of the red blocks white, one of the red blocks pink. Paint the grey block red. 

This is when you need the sander again!

With the sander, lightly sand some of the block corners, edges and sides.
This will allow some of the undercoat paint and a little wood to show through,   giving the blocks a rustic look.

If you feel you have removed too much paint, just repaint or touch up paint and sand again.
Believe me, I had too!

5.  Stencil:
The stenciling was the hardest for me.  I did free-hand letters on my blocks, (ugh) mostly because since the move last August I can't find anything, including the stencils.  I'm going to give up the search and buy a set on my next visit to the craft store!
If stenciling is not for you, self sticking letters can be purchased at any craft store. (Or have someone help with this part).
Finished blocks ready for Valentine's Day

On display in my entry
Happy Valentine's Day


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Anonymous said...

These are really cute and look easy to make. I'm going to have my husband cut the wood out for me. There are not many February crafts except with paper. Helen

Elizabeth Ohiothoughts said...

Thanks! I think so too, not as many decorations as other holidays.