Wednesday, July 24

Lake Superior Circle Tour, Canada

Lake Superior Circle Tour and Camping Trip

If you have a sports car or motorcycle this is a drive well worth the time and miles.
The views and scenery are breathtaking and absolutely amazing.  
But you can enjoy them nearly as much from a camper, full size car or van. This is merely the highlights of our Circle Tour trip.  
There is so much more to see and do it is impossible to do on one trip.

What is the Lake Superior Circle Tour? 
It is a 1,300-mile circle tour by highway around the world’s largest and most famous freshwater lake, with scenic shorelines, sandy beaches and towering bluffs.  (We actually ended up driving around 2400 miles)

Saturday, July 20

Cucumbers into Pickles

Easy Homemade Garlic Dill Pickles

I'm always thrilled to find an easy way to make something my family loves.  Pickles were always difficult to get correct because of the whole brine thing.
But now I'm in pickle heaven, with this easy to follow recipe and method.  I have made several batches of pickles since discovering the Ball Kosher Dill Pickle Mix.  I changed the recipe just a little because we like strong dill and garlic flavored pickles like the Deli style Claussen pickle.  The end result is amazing.

Wednesday, July 3

July 4th Party Ideas

Tobacco barn now has a new tin roof
July 4th Party and Decoration Ideas

Oh my gosh, I've been as busy as bees making honey!
We're having a Barbecue this weekend with family and friends to celebrate Independence Day.
Here are a few ideas I'm working on for our party.
We decided to have a "photo opp" spot set up for guests to take snapshots of themselves with Red White and Blue props.  I am using our old "tobacco barn" as the backdrop.