Monday, November 24

Fall Leaf Place Cards

Fall or Thanksgiving Place Cards made with leaves.

I use the few days leading up to Thanksgiving to pre-bake desserts, dry the bread crumbs for stuffing, set the table and multiple other tasks to cut down on the work load on Thanksgiving Day.  

One of the things I made ahead is place cards.  I started using place cards a few years ago more for fun than actual assigned seating.

Along with these leaf place cards another of my favorites for fall is my Scrapbooking Place Cards.

These leaf place cards take only a few supplies are easy-peay to make and look beautiful on the table.

Supplies Needed:

Real or artificial fall leaves
Single hole punch
Card Stock for name tags
Gather the needed supplies

First choose two leaves for each place card, one smaller than the other.

In the same area on each leaf use the hole punch to make a single hole in each leaf.
In the same area on each, punch a hole into each leaf 

Using Microsoft Word Doc or other program, type the list of names needed for the place cards.  If desired add clip art to the tags.  I added a little pilgrim hat to mine.
Print name tags onto card stock paper and cut out.
Cut each name tag into rectangular shapes, making sure to leave an area to punch a hole.

Now place two leaves and one name tag together.

Use a piece of raffia to tie them all together.

Place one place card at each table setting.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Anonymous said...

These look easy enough for me to make. How cute! Jane E.

Elizabeth Ohiothoughts said...

Thanks, and I think their cute too. And I think they also add a little fun to the table!