Thursday, July 2

Moving a Shed

Moving a small gardening shed or other small building is not impossible.  There are a couple of ways to move a shed; one takes hard work and numerous people, but not for lifting. 
The second is to hire the work out.

We learned how to move a shed with PVC pipes and jacks from a guy who moved a shed for us about 20 years ago. The shed was sitting directly outside my kitchen window and in the center of the yard.  Eyesore!  It took the guy about two hours tops to move the shed and we were impressed!

Moving the Original Chicken Coop:
We are in the process of rebuilding our farm’s original chicken coop and turning it into a camping cabin (or maybe a smoke house).  It was quite deteriorated so to move that small barn we had to completely rebuild the entire base or bottom third of the structure.

Moving a small shed with PVC pipes

That barn is small and light in weight compared to most structures, so we decided to use large PVC pipes and rolled it to its desired location. Here’s how we did it and the progress we’ve made with that little barn so far:

Moving the Gardening Shed:
When we purchased our farm there was also a large storage shed sitting right next to and up against our garage.  When relaxing on the back covered porch or the deck all you could see was the roof of the shed.  (That’s what it felt like anyways)

Gardening Shed near back porch, deck and garage

That shed is a much heavier building than the old chicken coop, so for this moving project we decided to hire the work out. 
To move a shed as large as this one, a large flat bed truck that tilts was used.  The shed was raised or jacked up enough on one end to get the tilted bed of the truck under it.  The bed of the truck was sort of like a conveyor belt that automatically pulled the shed up and onto the truck.  

Raising up  the end of the shed.
Truck and hauler used to move the shed

We were warned by the guy we hired that there could be damage to the shed.  But leaving it where it was not an option, so damage to the shed did not deter my determination to move it.

Nearly on the trailer

Once in the desired location, the edge of the shed was positioned on the ground and slowly slid off the truck.
We again raised the shed high enough using jacks to add foundation blocks underneath.
The cost for moving the shed was $150.00, which was well worth it to get back the view of the livestock barn, trees and pasture. 

Moving the shed to it's new location
Gardening shed et up near the top pasture and close to where I will build a veggie garden

My son's feet. He's putting fountain
stones under the shed
Since moving it, I have turned it into my gardening shed, and converted half into a chicken coop with a scratch yard.  See how I built both of those here:
Building A Chicken Coop.

After a couple years and adding lots more chickens along with turkey, ducks and guinea fowl, I decided to construct a larger chicken coop in one of our big barns 
The animals now free range in the large pasture.
(All of which we can now see from the back porch and deck!)
The small coop side of the shed is now used in the Spring for raising new egg laying chicks, for raising meat chickens and storage the rest of the year.  

After a couple years of adding landscaping and a new roof, the gardening shed appears as if it’s always been in this location. 

Fountain blocks visible in this photo
After a new roof and landscaping

Half gardening shed and half chicken coop with attached scratch yard near my vegetable garden

 Hope all your yard and garden projects are going well,


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Anonymous said...

Marvelous, what a blog this is! I never even guessed you could move a shed! This changes everything. Bernard

Elizabeth Ohiothoughts said...

Bernard. Kindof exactly how we felt on the first shed moving. It also opens up moving other things you didn't think could be moved!

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited, just wait until my husband gets home and I show this to him! We will be moving a small storage shed now that I know it can be done. I've always hated that it's up against the house. Thanks for sharing this tip! LeeLa Jones

Elizabeth Ohiothoughts said...

Leela, so glad for you and moving the shed. It is exciting to realize nothing has to be permeate, especially a shed in the way, haha. You probably already know this, but remember to remove everything before moving it!

Anonymous said...

Bookmarked!!, I love your blog! Ashley

Elizabeth Ohiothoughts said...

Thank you Ashley!

Mark Sindone said...

I'm always very impressed when people show the pictures of their house move. Especially when the whole building structure is doing the move. Even a storage shed move is impressive too!

Elizabeth Ohiothoughts said...

Mark, I'm always just amazed that it can even be done!