Wednesday, September 11

Summer Tomato Sandwich

These are wonderful summer sandwiches,  extremely easy to throw together and oh so delicious.

My husband's friend Roger gave us this recipe. 
During the autumn months Bill and Roger sometimes watch a few football games together on Saturdays,  but during the summer months they sit outside at Roger's Antique store. 

While sitting in the beautiful gardens Roger built, the two of them solve all the world problems, and work up quite an appetite. Roger usually whips them up a couple of these.

I have been hooked ever since Bill showed me how Roger makes them.

Addicting Tomato Sandwich

What you'll need:
  • 1 garden fresh tomato
  • 1 to 2 Tablespoons of soft Cream Cheese
  • 1 Tablespoon of Real Mayonnaise (not Miracle Whip)
  • Your favorite slice of bread
Lightly toast 1 slice of bread.  While it's toasting, thick slice the tomato.
Remove the bread from the toaster and spread on a generous layer of cream cheese or to your desired thickness.

Remember to always spread the cream cheese first.   Take my word for it, cream cheese goes on before the mayo.  But you'll only make the mayo-first mistake once, ha-ha,  like I did. 
Next spread on a layer of real mayo.
You can use Miracle Whip, but it's sweetness seems to over power the rest of the flavors.  The flavor blending of the tomato and cream cheese is what you want to taste.
Watch the movie Ratatouille and you'll get what I mean, : )

Top with thick slices of fresh from the garden tomatoes. 
The tomato flavor makes the sandwich.  I have tried to make this sandwich in the dead of winter with the fake store bought tomatoes and it just doesn't taste the same.

Now sprinkle on salt and pepper to desired taste.  Eat.
Num, num, num....
And repeat.
Believe me, you will repeat!


I was in the middle of making Vegetable Juice today, with most of the last of my garden tomatoes and vegetables and made a couple of these for lunch.  Yes, two.  Yum.


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Kim said...

Hi Elizabeth! It's been such a long time since I've commented but I've been reading on a regular bases. I just had to comment on this post. Especially since this is probably one of my favorite sandwiches of all time. This is EXACTLY how we make our tomatoes sandwiches in MD but sometimes we put cheese on them. Your tomatoes look beautiful!

Elizabeth said...

Who knew such an easy to make sandwich, with no frills, bells or whistles could taste so good? "Cheese is our friend" as we say here, so will have to try that too.
And thanks for reading my blog posts!

Leanne said...

I just found your blog today while researching Johnny Marzetti. I was born in Columbus but now live in Alaska and was reminiscing about "Ohio food" while at work, (other Ohio food includes Chicken and Noodles and City Chicken in my book). I am loving your blog! How great that you have been able to achieve your dream of owning a small farm. There is nothing like an Ohio tomato, my mouth waters just thinking of it! I'm looking forward to reading through your blog today, a very slow day at work :)

Elizabeth said...

Leanne: Thanks for the wonderful and kind comment! I am in love with Chicken and Noodles! I use farm fresh chicken when I can and there is nothing better. I have not heard of "City Chicken" so will have to Google it. If there is anything I am addicted to (or dependent on?) it would have to be Fresh-from-my-garden-summer tomatoes. We eat them every day when they are in season. This tomato sandwich is perfect for those sweltering summer days with a glass of iced tea.

Anonymous said...

Summer and fresh tomatoes. I can't wait to try this sandwich when my tomatoes come in. Thanks, Cara

Elizabeth Ohiothoughts said...

I am right there with you Cara!