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Cheesy Bacon Dip

Summer is nearly here along with endless barbecues, July 4th parties and family gatherings.  Looking for recipes to take along I thumbed through a cookbook my daughter Alexis gave me for Christmas last year.  

Trisha Yearwood’s cookbook Home Cooking with Trisha Yearwood is full of really yummy recipes which were passed down through the years from Trisha’s mother, aunts, cousins and longtime friends.  I love those kind of recipes.
A few of my favorite recipes are the Lettuce Wedge with homemade Blue Cheese Dressing, Corn Salsa, Chicken Pizza and I really want to try her Magic Lemon Meringue Pie.   Included in the cookbook is this recipe for dip, which is easy to make and absolutely delicious.  It is one of those recipes you just can’t stop eating!

Trisha's 2nd cookbook
I have found only one problem with this recipe besides the fact that it is NOT low-cal; it seems to disappear in minutes!

In the cookbook Trisha says the hotel where she was staying left a beautiful gift basket in her room and a tray holding this dip with crackers.  Trisha calls the dip “Charleston Cheese Dip”, I call it amazing! 
I occasionally listen to music and sometimes country but am not really a huge fan of any one singer.  I didn’t know much about Trisha so I looked her up. 
She’s a country singer, author, and actress and is known for her songs about women from a female perspective that have been described as "strong" and "confident". I found I do like many of her songs, especially “She’s in Love With the Boy and How Do I Live” among others.   
Besides numerous awards, Trisha is a member of the Grand Ole Opry and was inducted into the Georgia Music Hall of Fame in 2000. Also, she married Garth Brooks in 2005.

Cheesy Bacon Dip

Round Up The Supplies:

1/2 cup Hellmann's Real Mayonnaise
1 package (8 oz.) Philadelphia brand cream cheese, softened
1 cup shredded sharp cheddar cheese
1/2 cup shredded Monterey Jack cheese
2  green onions, finely chopped
Dash cayenne pepper
8 Ritz butter crackers, crushed
8 slices bacon, cooked and crumbled

Crush the Ritz crackers

Mixing It Up: 

Preheat the oven to 350°.
In a medium bowl, mix the Hellmann's mayonnaise, cream cheese, cheddar cheese, Monterey Jack cheese, green onions and cayenne pepper. 

Chop the onion and cut bacon into small pieces

Place ingredients into a mixing bowl

Mix ingredients well

Transfer mixture to a shallow baking dish, such as a 9-inch pie plate. Top the mixture with the cracker crumbs. 

Place in a baking dish and top with cracker crumbs

Bake until heated through, about 15 minutes. 
Remove from oven and top with bacon. Top with additional chopped green onions if desired. 

Remove from oven and top with bacon bits (and additional green onions if desired)

Serve with Pita chips, corn chips, crackers or bagel chips.

 Tips and Suggestions: 
  • Use real Mayonnaise! 
  • Philadelphia brand cream cheese is so much better than off brand. 
  • Top with additional chopped green onions, yummy! 
  • Add different types of cheeses (use what's on hand)
  • Substitute Greek yogurt for the Mayo
  • Add a little more cayenne for a spicier dip
  • Prep it the night before, put in the fridge and then bake just before guests arrive. 
  • Put on toasted English muffins, oh so delicious! 
  • Substitute crab meat for the bacon and omit cracker crumbs. 
  • Add chopped jalapeno pepper.
  • This recipe can be doubled for larger groups!

My birthday is coming up soon, so I have been dropping hints that I want the first cookbook Trisha wrote called: Georgia Cooking in an Oklahoma Kitchen.


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Anonymous said...

I took this dip to a July 4 party and everyone loved it. Thanks for the recioe. Carlos