Monday, August 31

Ariel's Candelabra and “Under the Sea” Party

I'm hosting an Under The Sea BabyShower for my son Daniel and his long time girlfriend, Jennica, (they got engaged early this year).
Jennica decided about 2 months ago that the baby shower was either going to be themed for a boy, (King Triton) or a girl, (Ariel). We found out in July that we're having a girl, and they're naming her Lilly! 
So Ariel's Under The Sea it is.

One of the decorations we decided to make was Ariel's candelabra.
And really it has been one of the easier decorations for the party I've made!
I was able to find an old brass candle stick at a thrift store for .90 cents. Also, used silverware at a thrift store usually only runs around .30 cents each.

What You'll Need:

1 – three tiered candle stick
One knife, one spoon, one fork
Glue gun and glue sticks
Silver spray paint (optional)
Thick twine

How To Put It Together:

Wash the candle stick and remove old melted wax if necessary. Next use a silver metal spray paint to cover the brass color.
If you were able to find a silver candle stick, not only were you lucky, but you can also skip the painting step!


Once the freshly washed and painted candle stick is dry, heat up the glue gun and insert a glue stick.
Make sure to use a heat resistant surface when working with a glue gun, it does get very hot!
Hold one piece of silverware in one of the candle stick holders and using the glue gun, glue into place. 

This may take an entire stick of glue to hold each piece of silverware in place. 
Let dry slightly and then make sure it's straight. Adjust if needed. 
Next cut a small piece of twine and wrap around the bottom of the silverware where it meets the candlestick. This will cover the glue. 

Do all the silverware in the same manner. 

Jennica and I have made so many different Under The Sea decoration and they all turned out great!  I will post more about our Under The Sea Baby Shower and how we made many of the decorations when time allows. 


Ariel in her secret cave.  Candlestick on the floor near her tail

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Anonymous said...

This is really a great idea and helpful instructions. I'm happy you shared, please keep us up to date on all the party decorations. Thanks

Elizabeth Ohiothoughts said...

Thanks! The party is this weekend so hope to post about it and all the decorations we did in the next few weeks.

Anonymous said...

Wow, this post is wonderful, my sister is having an Ariel party for her daughter and looking for these kinds of things, so I am going to let know her! Love the Under the Sea party you did, amazing!

Elizabeth Ohiothoughts said...

Thanks, we had fun making all the crafts for the party and we think it turned out great!