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Under The Sea Party Ideas

My youngest son and his finance are having a baby in December. Daniel and Jennica had their first date on March 17, 2010, got engaged early this year and set the date for the wedding for March 17, 2017. Unexpectedly, they found out in May they were going to have a baby. When they saw the doctor for the first time she told them their estimated date of conceiving was March 17th!!
We created very unique Pregnancy Announcement Cards to send out to family and close friends, and then started planning a baby shower. Jennica choose Ariel's Under The Sea theme and this is a few of the things we did for the party. The nursery will also have “Under The Sea” as the theme or d├ęcor so we can reuse a lot of the items we made.
Our new barn isn't quite finished, the walls have not been covered, but it worked out great for the party. 

Getting the decorations set up

We used large rolls of plastic tablecloth in ocean colors to create waves and then added strings of lights and ocean creatures.  We also added sea weed using rolls of streamers.

We decided to frame one of the party invitations.   Jennica ordered the invitations from Birthday Direct

Scattered on tables were sea shells, bottles full of shells and sea shells with tea candles in them.
In the center of some tables we had an Ariel's Candelabra, a piece of fish netting and mason jar candles with sand and sea shells.  Many of the shells we used were collected from various trips, some to St. Augustine, Florida

We used napkins in the same ocean colors to wrap the silverware and added a life saver (life preserver) tied with twine. We gave out mini rubber duckies and glass jars of sea salt as party favors.  We are adding wire to ours and turning them into Christmas ornaments. 

The treasure chest was easy, we just used an old wooden box and added lots of shiny costume jewelry and a sea shell or two. 

We got the idea for a Diaper Cake on line and it looked easy enough to make.  It wasn't that difficult but does take two people!  We were really satisfied with the way ours turned out.

Jennica practiced calligraphy for a week to be able to write the baby's name on the little banner I made for the cake.

For a Life Preserver, I purchased a foam ring from a craft store and wrapped it in doubled white material. Then I used thick rope to  wrap around the ring on four sides.  I have terrible handwriting so to make it easy we purchased stick on letters to add the baby's name and date.

Here are a few other ideas for an Under The Sea party:

Ariel's Candelabra:  Directions Here

Star Fish banner that said “Welcome Baby Lilly”

We hung Circle Bubble Garland and Hanging Fan Circles from the ceiling above the three food tables.  The new barn's walls are not finished yet so photos of the garlands didn't show up as well as I would have liked. 


The menu was chosen to go along with the Under The Sea theme. We served the following foods , just slightly renaming them.  
  • Submarine Sandwiches (subs)
  • Oyster Pearl Cookies (vanilla wafers, blue tinted icing and while candies)
  • Sea Grass Licorice and Sebastian's Crab Rangoon's 


 I also made up Food Labels to go in front of every dish.

  • Ariel's Vegetable Garden (veggie trays)
  • Sand Dollar Sugar Cookies
  • Puffer Fish Fruit Salad and Seaweed Spinach Dip 

  • Conch Shell Shrimp and Pasta Salad
  • Shark Fins Brownie Cupcakes (with blue tinted icing and paper shark fins)
  • Potato chips and Goldfish crackers became Fish and Chips
  • Mermaid Kiss Punch (Sierra Mist, coconut extract, water and sugar) 

Next to the punch we added something a little extra.  A waver to sign with a warning that the Mermaid Kiss Punch was actually a potion and if you drink it you would grow a mermaid tail. 
I printed the Mermaid Potion warning on an aged looking sheet of scrapbooking paper to give it more character.

Print:  Mermaid Potion Warning and Waver Agreement Signing Sheet (coming soon)

Diaper raffle
We held a diaper raffle, giving anyone a ticket who gave a pack of diapers over and above the shower gift.  We included the diaper raffle information in the invitations and on our Event Page on Facebook. For the gift basket Jennica and I added things all week:  A bottle of wine, a box of specialty crackers, fine chocolates, 2 gifts from Bath and Body, a scented candle, a mini garden flag and numerous other items.  
We were able to find online and print at home the Diaper Raffle tickets. 
Print:  Raffle Tickets (coming soon)
The tickets should be printed on thick paper. 
Near the end of the baby shower Jennica drew a name for the winner.  Daniel's Aunt Kathy (my sister) and her husband Beau won the gift basket!

Jennica and I made up questions like when they met, what the wedding date is, when the due date is, etc. We had 12 questions and passed out the trivia sheets for everyone to answer.  After about 15 minutes we went through each correct answer.  Daniel's friend Josh got nearly a perfect score and won the prize. 

Pin The Diaper On the Balloon
This was funny seeing the men try to diaper a balloon, especially since I tried to pick many of the men who were not yet fathers!  One of them was an experienced dad and one was a new dad.

Don't Say Baby
The "Don't Say Baby" game is easy.  Everyone starts with one safety pin.  Anytime you hear someone say the word "baby" you take their safety pin.  The person with the most pins at the end of the party gets a prize. 
Print:  Don't Say Baby Instructions (coming soon)

We wrapped up the baby shower with Daniel and Jennica opening their gifts. 
And remember, many of these ideas can also be used as a birthday party!


Purvi Gadewar said...

Wow! Some awesome ideas there...absolutely loved the candelabara!!! Thanks for sharing...

Elizabeth Ohiothoughts said...

Thank you

Anonymous said...

Hey! This is my first visit to your blog! You have done a wonderful job with your blog and this shower looks like it was amazing! Can you post a few directions for some of the decorations you made? Thanks so much. Sue and Steve Carter (grandbaby on the way too!)

Elizabeth Ohiothoughts said...

Sue and Steve: Yes, I'm writing up a couple more blog posts with directions for a few of the decorations. I meant to have some of them posted already, yikes! The weather got cooler here in Ohio so I have been spending time outside and neglecting posts, :( Sorry about that. I'll get on it! And thanks for the nice compliment! Elizabeth

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how beautiful this is. Such a wonderful idea but think I will use it as a girl birthday party this summer. Thanks for all the ideas. Sheryl

Elizabeth Ohiothoughts said...

Thanks Sheryl, glad you are able to use the ideas! Elizabeth