Wednesday, September 23

More Halloween Costume Ideas

My son Daniel as a ninja, early 1990's
It's nearly Autumn and October. Yeah!!
The weather has been cooler here during the day and chilly at night which to me is just wonderful. And we're already seeing the edges of leaves beginning to change color. I am in the mood for everything pumpkin and even found a pumpkin salsa! I'm so ready for hearty stews, college football, bread baking and hot casseroles.

We have an annual Fall Party and dress up in costumes every year which is always lots of fun, I think this year is our 11th or 12th consecutive annual party! We had fall parties on and off before that too!
This year I'm a little behind getting our costumes together, I usually start weeks earlier than this,  but this year we had an Under the Sea Baby Shower to host, a new barn to build (which isn't 100% finished) plus trying to keep up with the vegetable gardening, canning, stocking firewood for winter,  (and hay) feeding livestock and raising a pig.

Last year I wrote 2 blog posts about previous costumes we have worn, made or someone wore to one of our parties.
You can see the first post here: Halloween Costume Ideas.
If you have a keen eye, you may even see a prop or two or a cape reused in another costume.

And see the second costume post here: Halloween Costume Ideas, Part 2
I hope this post will give you even more ideas for easy and homemade costumes! ( And a couple not so easy)

Pumpkin Head
I have to tell you this is one of my favorites! This one is a creation by my nephew Adam. He found a really fun fall men's jacket in browns and oranges and then carved out a real pumpkin to use as the pumpkin head. Be warned, the pumpkin does get heavy after awhile, but it's a really great costume. He wore it to the Circleville Pumpkin Show last year and was nearly mobbed!! You could also use a fake pumpkin as the head, which would be lighter, but not nearly as cool!

A Moonshiner
This costume really made me laugh and is back in vogue because of the popular Moonshiners show on Discovery channel. One of my son's best friends, Charlie came up with this costume of bib overalls, a fake bread and old hat and a whiskey jug (or use a large dark brown bottle).

Vikings (Rathor Lathbook and Lagetha, the Shield Maiden)
Also modeled after a popular cable series, these costumes were the creation of my daughter Alexis and her boyfriend Thomas. These took months of planning and costume accessory finding, but I just had to add them to this post because they are amazing!  This costume was my daughter Alexis's most recent, but she's also in the Little Red Riding Hood costume below that she wore 10 years ago. 


Dorthy from the Wizard of Oz
I made the dress for this costume but any blue and white checked dress will do. Spray paint a pair of shoes sparkly red, tie the hair in pigtails and add a basket. A little stuffed doggie toy for the basket is a great addition.  This is Korina, who is also in the photo below (much younger) as a little Dutch Girl. 

A Little Dutch Girl
I also sewed the velvet dress for this costume for my grand daughter Korina.  But again, you can find an inexpensive beautiful little solid color dress at a local second hand store. Add the neck scarf, little white apron and a pointy white hat.

Gosh my husband and I had fun with these costumes! The base of the costume is a black outfit: shirt and pants for the man and shirt and skirt for the woman (or black dress).
For the man, tuck his pants into knee high white socks, wrap white material around both cuffs of the shirt, add a large white collar and cheap pilgrim hat purchased at a costume store. 
For the woman, wrap a white apron around the waist, add a large white collar, a white pilgrim hat and white material around the cuffs of the shirt.

Little Red Riding Hood
My daughter Alexis wore this costume to a party at her middle school. We had a red piece of material in the basket with a wolf's head mask as a prop.
I made a red and white checkered skirt, a red vest with lace up bodice and added a red cape. The basket and wolf's head really help make the costume unique.
And years later, my oldest daughter Dawn wore the same costume to one of our fall parties.

Duracell Battery
This is one of the most unique costumes I have seen. I took this photo while at Boo On Broadway, a local town center Halloween celebration.
It's made of poster board rolled into a tube, holes cut for the arms and painted to look like a Duracell battery. Being worn by a beautiful little red-headed girl with pigtails pushed this costume onto my all time favs list.

I can hardly wait to see what new and inventive costumes everyone comes up with for this year's party! I have ordered t-shirts this year and will pick up the accessories I need at the dollar store. (but my costume is a surprised!) Hope you have a wonderful autumn season,


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