Wednesday, March 2

Camper Remodel, Part One

We purchased our used little camper a couple years ago. My husband Bill and I love to tent camp, (and will continue to do so)  and have even tent camped around Lake Superior, while doing the Lake Superior Circle Tour.  
But I have always wanted a little camper. 
I like the idea of having all our things with us and room for our 3 Dachshunds. 
And I just love all the remodeled vintage campers I see, they're so romantic!
Our first camper is not vintage but we did get it at a fantastic price for being in like new condition. Little as in it's only 16 feet long.  But it packs everything we need into that 16 feet: stove, microwave (haven't even used that) a pretty big refrigerator, toilet, sink & shower, stereo, furnace and A/C.  That A/C part is one of the best features in August! 

Since writing this post I have posted about the rest of the camper remodel.  See those photos here:  

Camper Remodel, Party Two

I am not a big color blue person, although I love blue clothing, I do not have blue as a color scheme in our home. Our little camper had blue cushions and blue curtains. That had to be changed!

Camper before remodel, very neat and clean but ho-hum

My first idea was to go with a bohemian-gypsy-wagon look but my hubby vetoed that idea and wanted bright cheerful colors. So bright cheerful it is!
The photos below are how I envisioned the camper and me looking after the remodel.  A girl can dream, haha.  (Photos are from my Pinterest boards)

We picked out a heavy and darker color fabric for the dining cushions (but with bright color circles) that will hold up better and hopefully dirt from the doggies wouldn't show.

Bright and cheerful colors for the camper remodel

The first step was to replace the dining cushion covers.  I measured the size of the cushions then cut out the fabric for each just slightly bigger.  I also decided to use two different fabrics for more "pop."
We both love how they turned out.

Cushions and curtains complete, but still needed to add the covered pads on the sides and edges of the booths.

I also made curtains for the dining area space using the curtain rods that were there. 
We removed all the mini blinds only because the hubby seemed to have so much trouble with them. He wanted them open when we camp, but the bottom of the blinds were attached to the wall so they couldn't swing around when the camper was in motion. The hubby bent-broke those loose more than I can count. So no mini blinds! 


I had stock images from the Internet printed on photo quality paper then matted and framed to add artwork to the camper.  Two photos printed at Staples cost me $1.00 (2 - 4 x 6's) and the plastic frames with mats were $1.97 a piece at Walmart.  Cheap! 

To see the bed and bath area revamped, take a look here:  Camper Remodel, Part Two
I also made matching pillows.
With lots of material left over I decided to make a patchwork quilt for the camper bed along with matching curtains, pillow cases and even a shower curtain! 

Because the quilt was made with all the coordinating fabric used throughout the camper, it pulls everything together.  

And a great thing has happened, besides a bright and cheerful camper.  As a result of the quilt I made, the first quilt I have ever made, I am now hooked on quilting!


NEXT:  How I made the patchwork quilt and curtains for the camper bed area.

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Anonymous said...

Looks great, what beautiful colors! Jean

Anonymous said...

Very nice!

Melanie Daugherty said...

That looks so good, I have worked at a RV Dealership for 20 years and that is one of the cutest remodels. Great job! !!!

Melanie Daugherty said...

That looks so good, I have worked at a RV Dealership for 20 years and that is one of the cutest remodels. Great job! !!!

Elizabeth Ohiothoughts said...

Thanks everyone! So nice of you!