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Cookie Cutter Christmas Ornaments

I make Christmas ornaments every year for my kids and now my grandkids and to give as gifts. It started out as making ornaments only for my kids, but then I started making two or three extra to give as gifts, and that has now grown into a yearly Christmas Ornament Exchange!

For me, it takes lots of planning and looking to find just the right ornament I want to make.
A few I've made in the past are Vintage Paper Ornaments, Vacation or Beach Ornaments with sand and shells from St. Augustine, Florida, a Flag of Ohio ornament and Felt Snowman ornaments.

And last year I created ornaments using vintage cookie cutters.
I was in a beautiful little antique store and gift shop in Grove City, Ohio and found a basket full of cookie cutters for $1.00 each.
I decided to use them to make little vintage – Victorian looking ornaments.
I of course, kept the old cookie cutters I didn't already have and added them to my collection.

A sampling of my vintage cookie cutters

To Make The Ornaments:
First I used a drill with a very small bit and made a hole in the top of each cookie cutter. This hole is for attaching a wire ornament hanger.

Cookie cutters and crafting supplies

Next, I used the cookie cutter to trace it's shape onto scrap booking paper. I then cut out the paper just a little smaller that the shape traced, and glued it onto the inside of the cookie cutter.

Trace the shape and cut out

Using many different embellishments such as beads, ribbons, glitter, miniature trees, buttons, and stickers, I decorated each cookie cutter.  Every Cookie Cutter ornament turned out a little different and unique from the next.

Adding buttons, beads, and a mini Christmas tree

In the end, I found it very hard to choose only one for myself and ended up keeping 4 or 5!!
My daughter Alexis said to me “Mom, you can't keep them all”, haha.
Well, it did cross my mind!

A few finish ornaments.  My daughter Alexis helped to choose decorations for her's, (bottom left).

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Hope you're having a joyful and pleasant Christmas season full of love, laughter, and craftiness,


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