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Texas State Flag Quilt

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My daughter Jami and her husband Donnie and the kids moved to Texas for a job in 2009. I hate that they're so far away (I'm in Ohio) and that I don't get to see them much. But we have taken numerous trips to Texas and we think it's a nice state to visit. We've even been to the Dealey Plaza and the Grassy Knoll in Dallas.

I have been making quilts for family members for the last year so decided to make Jami and Donnie one for Christmas gift.

I searched Pinterest for ideas and knew as soon as I saw it that the Texas State Flag would be the perfect quilt for them. And besides, patchwork is my favorite quilt pattern.  I always seem to be drawn to it the most, even before making quilts myself. Of all the quilts I've purchased over the years, I have the most of the Patchwork pattern. It just feels very homey to me and very “usable.”

I used 4-inch squares for this quilt (cut at 4 1/2 " for seam allowance)

I did not have a pattern so to make the quilt I first needed to figure an approximate size. I say approximate because my quilt sizes are never exact. For example: If I strive for a 60 x 90 it may end up as a 64 by 92, depending on the size of the border, the pattern used, the binding, etc.
For the Texas State Flag Quilt, I decided on 80 x 100 quilt, using a patchwork pattern, which is numerous squares sewn together.
Remember, each square has to have an extra ½ inch added for seam allowance, and although some do and some don't, I iron all my seams flat.

Rows laid out to make sure no two squares of the same fabric were touching

I also number the rows so I remember which one to sew together next

I chose many different prints of fabrics for each color and also laid out many rows at a time to make sure there are no matching squares next to each other. And numbering the rows helps a lot. 

What I Did:

Red Section:
I used 150 – 4-inch squares (cut at 4 ½ ) to make a 40” by 60” section. That's 10 -four-inch squares across and 15 -four-inch squares down.

Cream Section:
I used 150 – 4-inch squares (cut at 4 ½ ) to make a 40” by 60”section. That's 10 -four-inch squares across and 15 -four-inch squares down.

Rows are sewn together

Blue Section:
The squares for the blue section are 20 – four-inch squares (cut at 4 ½ ) across and 10 -four-inch squares down, (cut at 4 1/2  inch) leaving a space to add the wonky star.

My scribbles and wonky star designs on paper

Now here's where it gets tricky, making the star.

Wonky Patchwork Star:
The Texas state flag has a star in the center of the Blue section. I decided to make what is called a “Wonky Patchwork Star.“ It was the first time trying it and it wasn't as easy as I thought it would be.

To make the star, I first drew a wonky star on paper, then used it to cut the star out of fabric. The star is cut out of different patterns of fabric stacked on top of each other. You then chose one piece from each fabric of cut out stars and sew them together to make a wonky patchwork star.

Wonky Star cut out of multiple fabrics then patchwork pieced back together

After making the star, (I practiced, making three or four) I added a border. My star ended as a 12 ½ ” by 12 ½ ” square once I added the border.

Wonky Star is sewn together

I then started sewing all the blue squares together, making sure to add the Wonky Patchwork Star in the middle of the blue section.  The Wonky Star replaced 16 of the blue squares. 

Adding the Wonky Star to the blue section

Once all three sections were finished, I sewed them together.

For the backing, you can use one of the fabrics you used in the quilt front so it ties together or use multiple fabrics to make a design. I like my quilt backing to have a design.

Quilt  backing design 

For the top stitching, I take it to a local lady who has a huge longarm machine. I chose a stitching that has stars and what reminds me of barbed wire. Perfect for this Texas State Flag quilt.

Top stitching of stars and "barbed wire" 

The finishing touch was, of course, a quilt label.
For directions on making a quilt label go here: How to Make a Quilt Label

Quilt Label

This is one of my favorite quilts I have completed so far. Truthfully, I say that every time I finish one, but I mean it this time, at least until I make the next one..........


Finished Texas State Flag Quilt

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That's a beautiful quilt, well done. Thanks for the idea,Lynn