Tuesday, August 16

My Newest Project: A Farm Quilt

So here is what I have been working on for a few weeks.
Recently I discovered a blog called Bee in my Bonnet.  I found the blog and blogger, Lori Holt while pinning away quilt ideas (and recipes, and DIY's, and fall decor, and.....and.... the list is endless) on My Pinterest and happened to see Lori's Hen Quilt Block.  I just looove it!

And then, early this spring my husband and I stopped at a quilting shop in Indiana on our way home from Wisconsin.
And there in the shop, hanging on the wall was a completed Hen Quilt! It's a poor quality photo taken with my cell phone, but isn't it so amazing  and cute?  And even more exciting, they had the book with the hen pattern in it.

Farm Girl Vintage Hen quilt

If you happen to have read any of my earlier posts you may know I picked up quilting just a few months ago and have been busy busy busy sewing myself and numerous other family members quilts.

My newest quilt is one that I'm working on for myself that I'm calling my Farm Quilt.  I'm making about 95% of the quilt blocks from patterns in the Farm Girl Vintage Book.

I want to make the quilt blocks only things we have, love or do here on our little farm.  Also, there will be sashing and an intersection square between each block.  To see what sashing looks like, take a look at this Mean Green Hulk Quilt I made for my granddaughter.

Here are the blocks I've made so far:
The Strawberry: We grow a few strawberries and go strawberry picking every year to make homemade strawberry jam.

The Bee:  My daughter Alexis is a beekeeper (a bee whisperer, really) and the hives are right here on our little farm.  So we have a fondness for all things honey bee.

And this is the Pumpkin: I love fall and all things pumpkin and even grow my own!

Look at this cutey-cute-cute Hen!!  I raise and spoil chickens and one of my oldest and favorite hens (Henrietta) is a Buff Orpington, so my hen is yellow.

Here is the Summer Star (a variation on the Ohio Star).  I'm an Ohioan so of course I want an Ohio Star in my quilt.  This is just a variation on the Ohio Star pattern. I'm also working on an Ohio Star Quilt. 

The Flag:  America, yea for the red, white and blue!

And the Canning Jars I just finished!  I can all our extra garden produce and also make soups, relishes, salsa, pasta sauce and numerous other canned goods.  So this quilt block fits right in. Click on the Recipes heading to see a few of the things I can.

Check out my Farm Girl Vintage Pinterest Board to see a few other Farm Quilt blocks I'll be working on.  A few more I have in mind are:  A black cat, a tractor, a happy farm girl, a barn, a pig and a maple leaf.

Happy sewing and quilting!

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Anonymous said...

So pretty! Got to get these magazines to you! Don't give up...been busy! Beverly Seymour

Elizabeth Ohiothoughts said...

Thanks Beverly!

Anonymous said...

I love the bright colors. Mandi Kemp

Elizabeth Ohiothoughts said...

Thanks Mandi!