Friday, October 20

Halloween Candelabra

I have been keeping my eye out for a candelabra and happen to come across one at a yard sale.

As a teenager and young adult, I loved old haunted scary mansion horror movies like the ones the actor Vincent Price starred in.  And they always seemed to have a woman in a flowing gown, descending a huge stone staircase, holding a candelabra!

I still love fall, Halloween, pumpkins, and good scary movies.

When I came across this old brass candelabra at a sale in Michigan, it was the end of the day and they took a $1.00 for it.   I knew with a facelift, it would work great for our annual fall party!

Updating the candelabra is quite simple, all you'll need is:

  • Black spray paint
  • Hanging crystals
  • A paint blanket

Old brass candle holder

First I washed the candelabra, then let it dry completely.
Next, I laid a blanket in my backyard, set the candelabra upside down on the blanket and painted the bottom first. After letting it dry in the sun for 2 to 3 hours, I flipped it right side up.

I was going to attach the crystals last and leave them clear, but halfway through painting, I decided to add the crystals and paint them black too.  You can leave them clear or paint them, it looks great either way. 

Half painted and adding the crystals

And, crystals can be a little pricey.  I went to Hobby Lobby, and they just happened to have their Christmas ornaments out and I found ornaments with crystals!  The ornaments were also 50% off so, Yeah!!

After adding the crystals to the arms of the candelabra, I took it back outside to finish painting. 
I spray painted the rest of the candelabra and all the crystals, then left it to dry, 
After a couple hours, I checked it all over and repainted any areas that needed it.

Finished painting

Once the candelabra was dry I added taper candles.
I used white but you can add Halloween candles in orange or purple. 

I love the end result!  

Done painting

The cost for a cheap plastic candelabra can run $35 to $40.00.  
I have about $6.00 in this one, not counting the black spray paint I already had from a previous project and I also have a few crystals left over. 

And this is a real candelabra, not plastic!

Finish Candelabra

Our annual fall party is this coming weekend so I'm busy putting up decorations.  Next on my to-do list is the grocery shopping and cooking! 

Happy Autumn,

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