Saturday, October 17

Halloween Apothecary Bottles

It's October and Halloween is almost here! 
Every year we host a Fall Party, put up lots of decorations, bake everything pumpkin and even dress up in costumes

The first week of September we had an Under the Sea Baby Shower and I used small glass bottles to make favors for that party and had about a dozen little bottles left over.
I decided to use the extra bottles to make these apothecary bottles for a Halloween display. But any small bottles will work.
I usually save small and medium glass food or spice jars to use for seed saving and they would work great for this project too. 

Supplies Needed:

Bottles (glass or plastic)
Black Chalk paint
Craft paint
String, ribbon, raffia, twine, beads, glitter, etc.

Make sure the bottles are clean and labels removed.

First, I spray painted the bottles with flat black chalk paint.
Leave a few unpainted for troll ears or were wolf fur, etc.
While the bottles are drying, print desired labels.
Pinterest is a great place to find many different types and styles of labels.

You may want to size and print off one label to make sure it is the right size for your bottles.
Once the bottles are dry, glue or decoupage the labels onto the bottles and decorate.
To make the crackled dripping effect on the bottles I applied a thin stream of Elmer's glue on the bottle then dabbed the desired color of paint into the glue and let dry. The glue/paint runs and cracks as it dries giving it an aged look.

Finally I decorated the neck of the bottles with string, twine raffia or what else came to mind.
A few bottles I added beads.
For the Love Potion bottles I let paint drip and run down and dry on the inside of the bottles. I used dark and light purple and pink paint and glitter.

For Troll Ears I used the cap of a Shiite mushroom, cut in half, then shaped into a slight crescent and allowed to partially dry before inserting into a clear glass bottle.

For the Werewolf fur, I used a clump of hair pulled from an old Halloween mask and placed into a clear glass bottle.  

Here's a few labels I used from my Pinterest boards:  Pinterest/Ohiothoughts


And here's a link to other free printable apothecary labels:  TwoCraftyPaws

I had fun making these and even made a few for my daughter and son's girlfriend! 
Each one came out unique.


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Anonymous said...

Good day I am so delighted I found your site and would just like to say thanks for a remarkable post and an all round exciting blog. Love the bottles!

Elizabeth Ohiothoughts said...

Thank you, glad you like them. I had fun making them

Anonymous said...

Appreciate this post. I'm going to start saving little bottles and will try this out. Thanks for sharing, Mary

Elizabeth Ohiothoughts said...

Great Mary! I usually save different size glass bottles for seed saving, spices, herbs and now to make these cute little bottles! Have fun with it!