Wednesday, November 11

Thanksgiving On Friday?

Table set for Thanksgiving dinner
Thinking of the Holidays coming up, Thanksgiving in particular, and I am quite excited.
I love this time of year! We don't always, but often, share our Thanksgiving Dinner on a day other than the actual Thursday.
Why, you ask?
I am selfish!

We don’t like to share our family and friends with their other friends and relatives! Seems if I have our dinner on the actual day that has been set aside, I must share my guests, them staying only an hour or two, then off they run to visit someone else on their list.

If I have our dinner on the weekend before or even the Saturday after Thanksgiving, my guests can come early, help with the cooking or just sit and enjoy the aromas and conversations before dinner. There is also no need to run off so quickly after eating, and many times we have had our guests spend the entire evening with us or stay the night.
All of which I think is the real meaning of Holidays, spending time with our loved ones!

Thanksgiving websites I like:

Venison for stew and roasting,
Oysters in the ashes toasting,

Geese done to a turn,
Berries dried and wild grapes seeded,

Mixed with dough and gently kneaded.
What a feast to earn!

Indian corn in strange disguises,
Ash cakes, hoe cakes (many sizes),

Kernels roasted brown...
After months of frugal living
What a welcome first Thanksgiving

Wishing you a warm and happy Holiday, 

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Anonymous said...

Thursday is the holiday - friday is black friday...(traffic, etc - why put guests through that?) And Saturday is their day to take a break - you're ruining their 4 day weekend.

Elizabeth Ohiothoughts said...

Thanks for the comment and insight, but truthfully I don't even know a handful of people who go shopping on Black Friday. Who wants to fight the crowds, not me and not just about anyone we know. Also, Thanksgiving dinner, and joining us for said dinner is not mandatory. but for us, everyone seems to enjoy having two dinners anyways! This idea is not for everyone but may work for some. You probably wouldn't want to hear that we have rarely opened our gifts on Christmas Day either? Holidays are just a day set aside to celebrate and for us has never set in stone. We also celebrate birthday week not just one day, have July 4th BBQ's before or after the 4th, Halloween parties not on Halloween, the list is endless. We try to follow the meaning of a holiday, not just the day set aside. Thanks again for commenting!