Wednesday, November 11

Day Of The Dead Bread

Day of the Dead Bread
So I get an email from my nephew-in-law Ben, saying he made "Day of the Dead" bread and had an extra loaf and would I like one.
Well as some of you may know, bread is my friend. I was super excited but hadn't opened the email until late in the day so had to wait an entire (eternity) day to pick it up.

Let me give you a little info on Ben: He is a wonderful cook, has his own cooking website and is a great photographer. I had, up until trying his home baked bread, only salivated over his dishes via his website.Anyway, I arrived at his and Jon's house to pick up the bread yesterday and upon entering his house immediately became brain dead.Yes that's right.
Upon viewing the wonderful little loaves of bread my hands began to shake and my mouth watered against my will.  Heaven!

Info on Day of the Dead:

The aroma of their house, the smell of fresh baked delicacies, thrown in with a little cinnamon, my mind caused me to utter intelligent phases such as ' I love bread"

Ben told me a little more history of "Day of the Dead" in Mexico, and sent me off with a pat on the head with my wonderful loaves of bread.
Embarrassing as it is, I must admit, I wasn't even off his street before I tore into the bag to see what was making my entire car smell of a bakery.

The bread (yes, be jealous) was sort of the color of potato bread, with just a slight taste of orange zest, and is covered in finely ground sugar.
If you passed me while I was sitting at the stop sign, I apologize if I scared you with that dazed look on my face and sugar down the front of my shirt.

Oh, and sorry Ben for my zoning out at your house, I will try to control myself next time, I am your food slave..........


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