Friday, October 30

Thanksgiving Paper Craft

I got the idea for a Fall Decorated Christmas Tree a few years ago after seeing a 6 foot one in a home I was visiting.
My fall tree is just a 4 foot tall and in my kitchen bay window. 

I decorate this little tree for fall with autumn leaves, acorns, pumpkins, etc. , then add Halloween ornaments towards the end of October.  In November I use a fall/Thanksgiving theme.

Since my Christmas Vintage Paper Ornaments turned out so well last year, I decided to make Thanksgiving ornaments too!
It's pretty much the exact same steps or directions as the Christmas ornaments except using creams, browns and black colors of scrap booking paper. And instead of Santa I used black silhouette cut-outs of pilgrims and turkeys.

These also make cute gifts.


Cut strips of paper
Fold 2 strips accordion style.

Cut strips of paper then fold

Wire two folded paper strips together in the middle. Leave enough wire for a tree hanger.

Bend folded paper in half

Wire two together, leaving enough wire for a hanger

Glue the side of the folded paper together. I use paper clips to hold them together until the glue dries. Don't forget to feed the wire along the glue and out the top to make a circle of wire for a hanger.

Cut out desired color and shape of circles then glue onto folded paper ornament.

Cut out desired thanksgiving themed shapes and glue onto top of the circle. I used a pilgrim, an American Indian and a turkey.

Glue on circles, Thanksgiving themed cutouts and ribbons

Last, add ribbons or bows if desired.


Here is a link to the silhouettes.  You may need to save the images then re-size to fit your ornaments.

Print Thanksgiving Silhouettes

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SarDee said...

I saw a "thanksgiving" tree at Bronner's in Michigan this last weekend and was just thinking how cool that would be for the kids to decorate and hang tags of things they are thankful for!! What a wonderful coincidence to see your blog post with more decorating ideas so the tree isn't too naked.. and it would also be a great segway into Advent.

Elizabeth Ohiothoughts said...

Oh that's great! I have never actually seen a tree decorated for Thanksgiving except my own! We are headed to Bronners in a couple weeks, love, love, love that store. (We love Michigan too) Let me know how your tree turns out and I would love to see the decorations. Elizabeth

Anonymous said...

(I never got one of these : ( ) Alexis Elizabeth