Wednesday, June 24

Blackberry Cobbler (or One Cup Cobbler)

This is a really quick and easy dessert, made with items almost all kitchens have on hand.  And it quickly becomes nearly everyone’s favorite.  
You will get repeated requests for this dessert! 
A berry cobbler is very homey, a comfort food even, a dessert that’s not really fancy but gets nearly the same reaction every time:  Dessert Heaven.

Blackberry is our favorite berry to use but just about any fruit works well.  Our next favorite fruits to use are peach and cherry.  
The great thing about this dessert is it can be made when berries are fresh and in season, or use frozen fruit in the middle of winter for a taste just as good as in summer.

Tuesday, June 16

Black Bean, Tomato and Corn Salsa

We love salsa and pica de galla and eat both year round.  I have a favorite Honey Lime Chicken kabob that I grill during summer months and needed a new side dish to compliment the chicken.
Salsa of course came to mind, and although I make different kinds, like strawberry and peach salsa,  I decided to try a new version. 

This is way easy and super delicious!  We ended up eating nearly half of it with tortilla chips before dinner was even ready so factor that in when making this recipe.

I’m going to keep this recipe in mind for our occasional Mexican Dinner night.

Thursday, June 11

Strawberry Pie Filling

Strawberries are among the first fruit to ripen in the Northeast.  
In my area of Ohio, strawberries are ripe around the first week in June.  For me, strawberries mark the passage from spring to summer each year. And besides, making delicious fresh strawberry edibles gives me something to do while I eagerly wait for my garden vegetable to ripen.

In 2010, strawberries surpassed apples to become the third largest among fruits in agriculture crops in the U.S., after grapes and oranges. And strawberries are the fifth highest consumed fresh fruit by weight in the U.S. behind bananas, apples, oranges and grapes.  The health benefits of strawberries include antioxidants, folate, potassium, vitamin C and fiber besides just being so darn delicious!

Every year we make Strawberry Freezer Jam, freeze cut up strawberries to use during cold winter months and sometimes other things like Strawberry Schnapps.  This year I decided to try homemade Strawberry Pie Filling.   There is nothing better as a cool dessert on a hot summer day than a chilled strawberry pie.