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Easy Baby Burp Cloths

Homemade Burp Cloths
We had a new granddaughter born in December! Her name is Lilly and she is the daughter of my youngest child, Daniel. 
Late last summer we came up with our own design for their Pregnancy Announcements which we think turned out great and very unique.

Daniel, Jennica and Lilly live with us while they save to build a house so I'm getting my sewing machine back to work!
When my kids were little I used to sew Halloween Costumes for them, along with pinafores, outfits, Christmas dresses, doll clothes and various other things. 
 Sadly, I haven't sewn much for my grandchildren, the newest ones live in Texas and I only see them a couple times a year. It's difficult to sew little outfits without trying them on for sizing as I make them. And being so far away it's hard to keep up on what they're into at the moment.

Me with my newest grand baby Lilly

For the first project for the new baby I decided to make a few burp cloths because they're pretty easy and also in great demand. We tried using receiving blankets for burp cloths but it soaks right through onto whoever is holding the baby, ugh.

At Daniel and Jennica's Under The Sea Baby Shower they received a pack of cloth diapers so I using those for the burp cloths.
I purchased a few different patterns of flannel in mostly pink and pastel colors, but you can use any color of fabric you wish. Flannel is best for this project because it's soft.

These make great gifts too!

Cloth diapers and flannel material

Baby Burp Cloths

Materials Needed:
Cloth diapers
Flannel fabric
Straight pins
Thread and scissors
Sewing Machine

How to Make Them:
Lay out the fabric with the right side facing up. If the fabric is wrinkled or has fold lines, press it first.
Next lay the cloth diaper on top of the fabric.

Lay the diaper on the fabric.  Make sure fabric is right side up.

If needed, pull on the diaper along the outer edges until it is straighter on all sides.
Pin the diaper to the cloth.

Pin diaper to the fabric

Cut the cloth around the diaper, leaving an extra ½ inch all the way around.

Cut fabric around diaper, cutting the fabric a little larger than the diaper. 

Sew the diaper to the cloth making sure to leave an approximately 4 to 5 inch opening on one side that is not sewn.

Sew diaper to fabric leaving a 4 inch opening

Remove all the pins and turn the burp cloth right side out, pulling it through the opening.
Press the burp cloth around the edges. I also use a blunt tool to gently push out the corners.
Now pin the 4 inch opening closed and sew shut. Make sure to get as close to the edge as possible.

Pin the opening closed

I also add stitches down the middle of the burp cloth to hold the flannel to the diaper and it gives it a more finished look.

Add stitching down the middle if desired

Baby Burp Cloths finished!

I made a total of four Baby Burp Cloths

And if you have material left over, don't discard it! Use it to make a small matching baby quilt!
I am cutting the scraps into squares and sewing them together. Once I add a backing I'll have a small quilt that will match the burp cloths.


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