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Halloween Costume Ideas #4

At the Circleville Pumpkin Show
Well, here we go again!
It's everything fall and pumpkin at our house this time of year and getting decorations set up for our annual Halloween Party.  We encourage everyone to come in costume (but not mandatory) and surprisingly, many people create costume themselves, which I love.

I've homemade my kids costumes for years and years and now that they're grown, they're carrying on the tradition.
If you've read any my previous posts on costumes, you know I have nothing against store purchased costumes, except that they are usually expensive but cheaply made, repetitive and many are just trampy.
So here are a few costume ideas and recent ones that have stood out.

Men in Black:
My son's friend Charlie created this costume and what a great idea!  A black suit and tie, dark sunglasses, and a laser gun is all that's needed to create this one.  But the best prop for this costume was the memory eraser!

Edgar Allan Poe
One of my all-time favorite costumes, because yes, I'm a Poe fan. We even took a book club trip to Baltimore, Maryland last year to tour Poe sites. 
This was my nephew Adam's idea and it's another way to use the black suit, but you also need a string neck tie, black mustache, and a crow.

Bank Robbers:
If you are offended by guns scroll past this costume.
This is my husband and me as bank robbers.  The costumes consist of black pants, striped shirts and face masks. I used strips of black material for the mask, with holes cut for eyes.  Use old pillowcases with a dollar sign painted on them for the money bags. I found cloth bags at the craft store and painted them myself.  I also bought fake money as a prop.

And since we're already on the wrong side of the law......

Orange is the new Black:
This is my granddaughter Kelsey and never have we received such negative feedback as with this costume.  We go to the Circleville Pumpkin Show every year and in costume and most people believed her to be a real prisoner, haha. No one wanted to go near her and mother's even pulled their children away from her! It was great

Kelsey used a cream uniform for the prison outfit and I made the prison name tag for her, just printed it from a photo online.  We added the neck tattoo and red coloring around Kelsey's eyes to give her the drug addict look.  She scared people!

A Bird and Egg and a Bird Catcher:
My son's girlfriend Jennica did not have the fun of celebrating Halloween and dressing up in costumes when she was growing up but she is becoming quite creative!  She came up with these really cute costumes for her and my son Daniel.

To create these costumes, Jennica sewed feathers onto a shirt, added a large stick wreath around her waist and purchased a bird mask. My granddaughter in her belly created the egg!
 For Daniel's costume, she searched thrift stores for the shirt, pants, and hat. She was even able to find a bird watcher book and the net.

Scottish Highlander
This is a more difficult one to create but is absolutely wonderful.  This is a friend of my daughter Alexis's and he's a re-enactor.

John purchased many of the items for his costume. But besides the Kilt, you can create a cheaper version by making the pieces homemade or else find them in second-hand stores.
You will need a black vest, white shirt and red cape and the kilt of course.
John handmade his shield and a sword is highly recommended.

Witch Doctor
My daughter Alexis put this costume together with leopard skin material, furs, brown gloves with black nails glued on and a bag full of bones.  She also found and decorated a large crooked stick and purchased the mask

Football Player
This is a quick and easy go-to costume if you are short on time.  Any team jersey will work but since we are OSU (Ohio) fans these are all Buckeyes.  You will need a team jersey and pants.  Softball pants will work if they match.  Also, a helmet or toboggan hat the same team colors as the jersey.
Add shoulder pads under the shirt and a little black makeup under the eyes and the costume is complete.

My son Daniel in the early 1990's

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Enjoy the season and have fun!!


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