Friday, September 16

Child's Batman Quilt

My most recent finished quilt was a request for a one-year-old boy's Batman quilt.

I'm not really into Batman (or any super hero) fandom so after finding a batman print fabric, I used Google to come up with coordinating colors.
The original request was just no blue colors.

There are actually a few Batman costumes, with the newest one clad in all black. I'm old school and I grew up with the vintage batman.  A plain black batman quilt or a gray-black one was just not very interesting in my opinion, so this quilt is inspired by the vintage batman costume.

Below are examples of multiple different batmans and the vintage batman.


I started with a sort of log cabin block variation. A square and then 1 inch of fabric pieced around the square.
The batman print square was cut at 5 ½ inches square and the gray trim was cut at 1 ½ inches wide.
Sewn together the block ends up at 5 inches and the trim at 1 inch, making a 6-inch block.

Block and trim

Once the blocks were finished, I cut 2 ½ inches of black sashing to go around all the blocks with a 2 ½ yellow intersection square. The sashing after sewn is 2 inches and the intersection squares are 2 inches.

Finished 6-inch block

I then sewed the rows together. Once I reached the desired size quilt, I just thought the quilt needed a little extra “pop” or contrast fabric to wake it up.

Sew rows then sew the rows together

Rows are sewn together

And even though I was asked to not put blue in the quilt, I just felt the blue from the vintage Batman's costume was exactly what the quilt needed.

So I cut 1 ½ inch wide blue fabric strips for the first border to go around the quilt. (sewn it comes out to 1 inch wide)
It was exactly what the quilt needed. Lastly, I added a 2-inch batman fabric border. (cut at 2 1/2 inches)

Blue border added

A second border added out of the batman fabric

Once the quilt top was finished I needed a coordinating backing.
If I'm lucky, sometimes I find the backing for the quilt when I'm buying the fabric, but not usually. The majority of the time I have to wait until the quilt top is complete to find just the right backing.

Starry night fabric for backing

For this quilt, I picked out a black, gray and white “Starry Night” fabric, which I think goes well since bats fly at night.

Finished quilt.  The blue is showing up wrong in the outside photos.  It's really matches batman's costume. 

For stitching, I chose small flying bats and the binding is solid black.
The quilt was completely done once I added the quilt label.


The quilt was a gift for a birthday and they loved it, even the small blue border.
I also had enough batman fabric to sew a small pillow and I gave him my toy batman I used as a model.


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Anonymous said...

Awsome. Daniel Lynch

Anonymous said...


Elizabeth Ohiothoughts said...

Thanks Daniel xoxo

Elizabeth Ohiothoughts said...

Thanks Renee! I got the batman print fabric from Walmart and the rest from JoAnn's

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Terry Nelson

Elizabeth Ohiothoughts said...

Thanks Terry!

Anonymous said...

My son would love this he is a huge Batman fan. Rose Barrow

Elizabeth Ohiothoughts said...

Thanks Rose!

Anonymous said...

Love it. Love your blog. Mary A. Lampe

Anonymous said...

So cute! Bethany Huston

Anonymous said...

Love this it just pops out at you. Karen Goss

Anonymous said...

It's really cool that u put bat stitching in your quilt, & I like it VERY muchπŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’› My son would like it, too! 10 out of 10, great job! Lucinda Wagaman

Elizabeth Ohiothoughts said...

Thanks everyone! I'm new at this quilting thing and designed it too, so kind comments and encouragement much appreciated! Elizabeth